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First Capital Connect Delays

Real reasons for First Capital Connect delays and cancellations

A crap old first capital connect train

First Capital Connect Links and Useful Address

Hey and fairlpay to you. How are you getting on? Ah grand. It's all good.

Right, here's a home for useful contacts, links and anything else that might help retain our sanity/stop the almost certain decent into chaos that getting to work and home again seems to involve on a daily basis. I promise on my grandmother's life (not the nice one, not that it matter's they're both long gone) that I saw with my own eyes a group of commuters form their own primitive religion on the 07:44 to Kent House last Monday...


Just Do It:

Claim for Delays now with the the help of Train Delays

Join the I hate First Capital Connect Facebook Group

Sign the First Capital Connect petition of course

Press Coverage of First Capital Connect:

Telegraph: Is FirstGroup the worst company in Britain?
Poor train operators face sack under Government plans
The Guardian: Commuters petition Gordon Brown
Brighton Argus:
First Capital Connect set to restore normal service on Monday
Telegraph: MP urges Government to sack First Capital Connect over 'commuting hell
Wall Street Journal: London Rail Union Approves Pay Deal
The Independent: Rail punctuality reaches autumn record
Herts Advertiser: 'FCC Boss says: 'Many feel we are totally incompetent''

Press coverage of First Capital Connect where we get a mention:

London Evening Standard: Commuters revolting
('You said it. They stink on ice.' Mel Brooks, History of the World: part I)
Wall Street Journal: London Commuters Start Losing Their Reserve
The Times: First Capital Connect Wins Scrooge of the Year
The Guardian: More chaos for commuters as train driver shortages continue
Befordshire on Sunday: Fed-up commuters dish out their Crapital punishment on-line
Herts Advertiser: First Capital Connect under fire from website

Official FCC / FirstGroup Stuff:

FirstGroup share price movement showing some unusual high trading volume spikes

Are these spikes in FirstGroup share trading volume related to anything? I don't know...

Buy FirstGroup shares NOW - Go on, you know you want to
FirstGroup 'The Leading Transport Operator in the UK and North America' Annual Report 2008  
Great FirstGroup videos to fill up the iPod Touch you got for Christmas with
FirstGroup can deliver Harry Potter books in all weathers until the cows come home
FirstGroup Overview
Customer Service? yes! That's FirstGroup all over
Don't miss the FirstGroup corporate magazine

Other happy FirstGroup cutomers in the UK:

First Hampshire's bus cuts met with hostility from passengers
Hundreds of bus routes hit as First Group drivers set to strike, confirms Unite 
Bus firms pay price for being unreliable Fury over cuts to bus service

Overseas news of even more happy FirstGroup customers:

Greyhound demands $15M to avoid route cuts
Greyhound cuts back B.C. bus service
Board compromises on Greyhound route cuts
The Indianapolis Public School board votes to drop First Student

Useful email addresses:

Lord Adonis:

Anne Main:

Those darn leaflets:

Here's my current incarnation of the cheeky leaflet, I have taken in various comments, mainly it was initially too 'wordy' (that's me through and through, apologies) I have highlighted the petition - I am pretty sure I have met the girls that started it and have mentioned this to them in an email, but they haven't got back to me, probably on the basis they think I am a mentalist.

First Capital Connect is so very very sorry. Oh god, please forgive us. Josh's Mom, please forgive us also. Sorry is not the word. We're so so so sorry we're going to be sick

Click here for a handy PDF to print out three to a sheet of A4

Click here for a PDF of the full sized one

Neal Lawson’s Experience (from Linkedin, a sort-of Facebook for nerds, he's the new First Capital Connect MD. Good Look Mr Lawson Sir)

New Trains Director
First Capital Connect
(Public Company; Transportation/Trucking/Railroad industry)
May 2009 — Present 

Managing the procurement and delivery of 1300 new train sets for Thameslink

(the above line appeared up until about Jan 10th 2010 - now deleted - I am not surprised)

Director Deals - Firstgroup Plc (FGP)

Ellis Watson, Executive Director of FirstGroup bought 2,000 shares in the company on the 26th January 2010 at a price of 374.05p. The Director now holds 36,512 shares

A close friend of former Sun editor Kelvin McKenzie, Watson was also involved in firing Mirror editor Piers Morgan after the Iraq prisoner photo hoax. He was best man at Morgan's wedding weeks later.

Lockhead said Watson, who will take up the position in August 2009, would be of "great benefit" to the group's plans for future growth. Paul Moore, FirstGroup's communications director, yesterday played down speculation that the company's plans to eventually replace Lockhead.

Hey look, let's organise a big dinner somewhere and hire Ellis Watson as the guest speaker.



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